The summer sun is burning strong, the World Cup had us all in a nervous wreck and Love Island is juicier than ever. Summer 2018 is here, and it’s a doozy.

As I begun to write this, the first sign of rain in months was looming behind the hills of Saddleworth. Of course it happened to fall on the same day as the World Cup semi-finals, England V Croatia (well done lads, you did your best – bring on 2022) and we had two HD TV’s hung up in our beer garden ready and waiting to show one of the most important games in 28 years. The tension (and muggy rainclouds) hung in the air like a partially deflated party balloon, found days later behind the couch. We were hopeful yet doubtful in equal part – one of the many attributes to being British… (It’s Coming Home plays faintly in the background). But when have we EVER let a bit of potential rain stop us? We will bring something home, regardless!

There are lots of exciting changes coming to Muse over the next few weeks. We recently celebrated our second birthday, which went down an absolute storm, but we feel it’s time to update, to re-identify, to establish ourselves back in the Uppermill community. We want to embrace our reputation as being the fun destination. We love that you guys swarm here on the weekend for a good time. We’ve got the energy, the music, the amazing food and delicious cocktails, and we want to update our brand to properly reflect that! I am not at liberty to divulge details yet but all I can say is, keep your eyes peeled for after Yanks weekend… exciting things to come!

Speaking of Yanks, you know we will not be disappointing this year! With some classic 40’s, 50’s and 60’s style live music throughout the day, and the fantastic Howling Rhythm back again in the evening, prepare to see our cosy beer garden turned into a fiesta frenzy. What better way to milk a movie which was filmed here some time ago then to turn it into the party of the year?

On another note, make sure you come down and try our cocktails of the week. Our new bar manager, Beth, has made some absolute belters to make you feel like you’re on a beach in the Caribbean, and at only £5 they are surely not ones to be missed! Fruity and refreshing they encapsulate summer in a glass and will cool anyone down on these balmy summer days.

We put a status out on Facebook regarding the possibility of showing the Love Island final in the beer garden and the response we had was AMAZING. You guys clearly love yourself a bit of villa drama, and let’s be real, who doesn’t eh?! SO since we played the World Cup, and you all reacted so positively to the idea, we will be hosting a Love Island live finale showing! The official date hasn’t been released yet but we are speculating it will Monday 30th July – so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on our social media (@museuppermill ) for all the up to date plans!

That’s all for this month folks, as always follow us on social to stay the most up to date with everything Muse. Over and out! X